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Trevella Park Water Sampling

Trevella Park is a popular site near Newquay for caravans, camping and glamping and also offers static caravans and lodge holidays. The park has a range of facilities for holiday makers, including an outdoor heated swimming pool and hot tubs for use by guests.

Trevella Park engaged CLAW to design and undertake a schedule of water sampling which was in line with HSE guidance and best practice on what to sample for and how often. The work was undertaken by trained technicians at times that avoided disruption to the guests.

Analysis of the results was undertaken by UKAS accredited laboratories, in line with our customer offer, enabling Trevella Park to use the results certificates for compliance purposes.

The sampling results confirmed that their maintenance procedures are working effectively to keep the pool & tub water clean and safe. Guidance on interpreting the water sample results was then given by our trained members of staff, giving Trevella Park confidence they are complying with best practice.

Highgate Hill House School Legionella Risk Assessment

Highgate Hill House School is a recently opened independent school for children aged 5 – 16 years with Special Education Needs. In order to ensure that their water system meets safe standards CLAW were contracted to undertake a legionella risk assessment and programme of water sampling.

The comprehensive sampling programme assessed the schools hot & cold water system and all relevant points in the system including water storage tanks, hot water cylinders and point of use water heaters.  Water samples were also taken from representative points to assess the water quality and check for the presence of legionella bacteria. The programme of testing confirmed the water was good quality and that there was no legionella found in the system.

Following water sampling CLAW provided the school with an in-depth assessment report on the system and gave practical advice on actions they could take to further reduce the risk of legionella bacteria.  

Mill Hill Quarries Air Monitoring

Mill Hill Quarries Ltd. operates slate quarries in Devon and Cornwall, producing some of the only Cornish roof slate in the region. The process of splitting roofing slate can produce dust and respirable crystalline silica, which can be hazardous to health. Following extensive investment by the company into local exhaust ventilation, CLAW were engaged by Mill Hill Quarries Ltd. to investigate the effectiveness of the new ventilation system.

CLAW designed and carried out an indoor air quality monitoring programme tailored to accommodate the busy production processes of the quarry. Specialist personal sampling equipment was selected to accurately monitor staff exposure in a convenient way that didn’t disrupt daily working practices or staff carrying out their daily duties. Dust monitoring was followed up by laboratory analysis to gain a precise understanding of airborne pollutants in the production area.  Analysis of the dust combined with a review of staff work diaries allowed CLAW to pinpoint areas of excessive pollutants. This enabled the quarry to identify best practice working procedures to ensure local exhaust ventilation is used correctly and effectively.  

Staff received in house training in these best practice procedures. Following this the site was successfully resampled to verify that this translated to a measurable improvement in air quality that met Health and Safety Executive (HSE) safe targets.

Through evidence that levels of hazardous air pollutants are consistently better than minimum HSE standards Mill Hill Quarries Ltd. are now confident their working practices and equipment effectively reduces the impact of dust on staff to levels below those set out by the HSE.

Scrap Yard Contaminated Land Assessment

CLAW’s contaminated land experts worked with Cormac to design and undertake an investigation into the contamination of an ex-scrap yard site, which was under consideration for purchase.

The client required a detailed assessment completed in just two weeks, in order to inform purchase decisions. Working with the partner contractor CLAW designed and undertook ground investigations and assessment of soil contamination. A comprehensive detailed human health risk and groundwater risk assessment was then undertaken, enabling the client to fully understand the level of contamination on the site.

Delivering the work on time and within budget, the comprehensive risk assessment report was modelled using scenarios for both residential and commercial development upon the site. The extensive detail of the investigations gave the client confidence in the ground conditions and development opportunities for the site, enabling them to make an informed decision on the site purchase.



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