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Recreational Water Sampling including Lakes and Ponds

Cornwall Land Air and Water provide specialist water quality monitoring and analysis services to give you the assurance that customers can enjoy safe and healthy bathing.

Water sampling and monitoring for all types of water

We provide sampling for a variety of recreational water sources including:

  • Lakes & ponds
  • Sea water & tidal swimming pools
  • Water features

Sampling your recreational water can help to protect users health

Water used for recreational purposes such as open water swimming, wake boarding and diving can pose a risk to users if health hazards are present such as sewage pollution, toxic cyanobacteria and blue-green algae.

Recreational Water Sampling including Lakes and Ponds

If users report concerns or you notice something different with your water quality, we can carry out sampling to help determine what might be causing the problem.

We offer competitive prices for our sampling work which includes sample collection by a trained member of staff, UKAS accredited analysis and advice on the results. Contact us to find out more and receive a quote.

Regular sampling builds a picture of overall water quality and can reassure customers the water is safe.

How often should I sample recreational water?

We recommend that water sampling is carried out on a regular basis when water is used for bathing or recreational purposes and we can provide advice on a suggested sampling program.



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